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Configuring VPN for Windows XP

General Information
The procedure below will walk you through the steps necessary to create a VPN connection to the SUNY Ulster network. Please note that the Professional edition of Windows XP is required. The Home edition does not support VPN.

Creating a VPN Connection
Click Start, Connect to, Show all connections.
Click the Creation new connection link in the Network Tasks area.
Click Next.
Select the Connect to the Network at my workplace option.
Click Next.
Select the Virtual Private Network connection option.
Click Next.
Type: SUNY Ulster VPN into the Company Name field.
Click Next.
Type: vpn.sunyulster.edu into the Host name field.
Click Next.
Select the My use only option.
Click Next.
Make sure the Add a shortcut to this connect to my desktop is check if you wish to add a VPN icon to your desktop.
Click Finish.
A window will appear asking for your username and password.
Type your SUNY Ulster username into the User name field.
Type your current password into the Password field.
Click Connect.