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SSB direct (pre-2006)

Former students who attended the college prior to 2006 do not have My.SUNYUlster.edu portal access.  They can still access their information but they must go directly through Banner SSB.

To access Banner SSB a student will first go to the my.sunyulster.edu page.

They will then click "Former Student?"

The User ID is the student's Unumber or their Social Security Number so long as it is in Banner.

In all likelihood the student does not remember their PIN and in all likelihood the student has not filled in the question and answer that are used with the Forgot PIN? button.  

To get their password, the student should click the blue here.

The student should fill in the form (staff member assisting student should work with student to confirm their email address is up to date.  If the personal email address is not up to date the staff member should take the appropriate steps to get a working email address in Banner for the student).  If there is no matching email address in the system the Login and PIN will be mailed to the student at the mailing address in the Banner.

Once the student has received their PIN they should return to the Former Student page and enter their Unumber or Social Security number in the User ID field and the PIN they were sent in the PIN field.  

They will be asked to change their pin upon their first login.  

Once they are in the system you can help walk them through by going to the Portal / Work @ Ulster / Banner Self Service.  

Please call OIT at 687-5169 should have any questions or concerns regarding this process.