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Faculty Enter Early Alerts

To watch a short video on this topic click here.


The EARLY ALERT SYSTEM is used to identify students who have not shown up for class, have excessive tardiness, or have other issues which might be putting them at “risk”.  It is especially important to identify these students within the first 2-weeks of the semester so staff in the Learning Center can reach out and provide the necessary assistance.

Please use this form throughout the semester to help us identify students who may be starting to have difficulties or are in later starting classes, not just during the first few weeks of the semester.

Log onto http://my.sunyulster.edu

Click on the Faculty Resources Tab.

Go to the Faculty Dashboard channel and click on the Class List icon.

If you do not see the class you are looking for you may be experiencing an issue with the Portal where some or even all of your classes are not viewable in the Faculty Dashboard.

Instructions on how to work around this issue can be found by clicking here.

Select the student for which you wish to enter an "Early Alert".

You will be taken to a screen displaying student information. 
At the bottom of the screen select the "Early Alert Form" link.

Because you clicked the student name first the form is pre-populated with the student and course information.

Complete the remaining fields and click SUBMIT

To repeat this process for a different student:

Student in the same class:
Click Summary Class List

    Select another student and repeat the Early Alert process outlined above.

Student in a different class:
     Click Summary Class List

    Scroll past the class list on the screen to the bottom of the page.

    Click CRN Selection


From the drop down that appears, select the next class you need.