Create a Requisition

Web Requisition Creation

You will need to first log onto the Portal.

Go to the “Employee Resources" tab.

Go to the "Banner Self Service" Channel.

Click on the "Finance Services" Panel

Click "Requisition".

Create a Requisition:

If you have previously set up applicable templates please select one now and click Retrieve.

If not, leave “None” in the Template field and proceed to the next step:

Both the transaction and delivery dates will default to the current date.

Vendor Entry Enter the Vendor ID:
If you do not know the Vendor ID, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and go to the Code Lookup section.     
Chart of Accounts should remain “1”
Select “vendor” from “Type” drop down menu.
Title Criteria:
If you do not know the exact vendor name, use the “%” liberally, to perform a search.
A list of matching vendors will appear at the top of the screen:
Copy the vendor ID and paste into the Vendor ID field:

Click “Vendor Validate”
may appear at top of the screen, instructions to remove are included later in this document.
Address Entry:If the Address Type does not default:Enter “VC” (Vendor Contact”) or “VP” (Vendor Purchase Order) into the Enter “1” into the Click
If the address is not correct, enter a “2” into the
If the address does not exist, click on “Document Text”. Enter the vendor information into the “Enter Document Text, No Print” field.Click “Exit document/item text page” to go back to Requisition.
You must enter the Ship Code field with ALGREC
.New Vendor:
Leave the Vendor ID field blank and click on Document Text.   Enter the vendor information into the “Enter Document Text, No Print” field.Click “Exit document/item text page” to go back to Requisition.You must provide a W9 to accounting before the Vendor will be officially created and the Requisition processed.
Item Entry:
You can enter up to five separate items for each requisition.
If you are creating requisitions with more than five line items we recommend you use the INB service.

Skip the “Commodity Code”Enter the “Commodity Description” one item per lineEnter the “U/M” (Unit of Measure) for the items (drop down list available).Enter the QuantityEnter the Unit PriceDiscount and Additional Amount are optional fields.Click
The totals based on price and quantity will appear in the next section.

Enter Chart (Always “1), Fund, Orgn, Account, Program and Accounting.

Accounting is based on either “Percents” (Default) or “Dollars”.  If you are only charging one account “Accounting” should be “100%”.
Click Any errors will appear at the top of the screen.If no error appears
If you are going to be creating more than one requisition for the same vendor, it is recommended that you create a template for the requisition and save time on manual entry.
Create a name for your template.
If other people would benefit from also using this template, click the “Shared” button.
When done click “Complete”
Your requisition is now final.
If you do not wish to create a template:
Click “Complete”

The Requisition number will be displayed at the top of the screen: