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Advisement PIN for Students

After meeting with a student advisors have two paths forward to registering a student.

To provide the pin, from the Portal, click into the "Employee Resources" tab.

Scroll down until you see the "Advisement and Registration" channel in the left hand column.

Click "Advisement Info"

Click "Get Advisement PIN"

Select the appropriate Registration Term

Enter the student's U number or Name

If the student is correct, click "Submit", if not, click "ID Selection" and enter a different student.

You will see the Advisement Meeting Form.

You may, at this point, have the system email the student their Advisement PIN by clicking "Email Advisement PIN".

Once you can clicked "Email Advisement PIN" the PIN will be emailed to the student's @my.sunyulster.edu account.

You will also see a confirmation that the PIN has been sent and the PIN will become visible to you as an advisor.

You are also provided access to update the student's Advisement Notes at this time.  You may edit the default entry of "Met with advisor name on date"
or edit the entry to provide more details of the meeting.  When you are done entering the note, click "Submit Advisement Note"

When you have completed the steps on this page you can either work with a new student by clicking "New Student" or click one of the other links at the bottom the page to perform further advisement actions on the same student.

You may return to this page at any time to retrieve the Advisement PIN should the student require it again.