Update Your Office Hours

Log onto the My.SUNYUlster.edu Portal

Click on the Faculty Resources tab.

Look to the Faculty Dashboard Channel.

Click the clock to the right of your first class.

Using Military Timing, enter the "From Time" and "To Time" for your Office Hours.

Please be aware that there must be a break between the time one event ends and another begins.  If your class ends at 11:00 a.m. and your office hour start right after, please put the start of your office hour as 11:05.

Select the Days of the week you are available at this time.
Enter the Location, (HAS 115).
Select a Contact Number from the drop down menu.
Enter the From Date and the To Date.
Click the "Display" button.

Click Submit.

If the submission is successful you will see the following image toward the top of the page.

Overnight our systems will update all of your classes with the same office hours as you entered for the first class. 

If you prefer you can use the "Copy To" function at the bottom of the Office Hours page to update all additional classes manually.