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Conference Calls

You can set up a conference call with two other people. 
Depending on your phone system, you may be able to add more than two people to your call; 
ask your system administrator for the maximum number. 

Just as with other calls, you can hold and resume conference calls. 
In addition, you’ll have the option to split a conference call—end the conference and place the people you were talking with on hold. 

During a conference, you may have access to the conference management feature. 
This feature allows you to manage each person in the conference call so that you can mute, hold, and remove each person. 
Your system administrator can enabled this feature on your phone. For more information, see Managing Conference Call Participants. 

Setting Up Conference Calls

There are two ways to set up a conference: 
the conventional way—by calling two people and using the Confrnc soft key—or joining two existing calls using the Join soft key. 

To set up a conference call: 
1 Call the first person. 
2 From Lines or Calls view, press More and then Confrnc. The active call is held. 
3 Using the Dialer, call the second person. 
When the second person answers, press More and then Confrnc to join everyone in a conference. 
The Active: Conference screen displays, as shown next.