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Forwarding Voicemail to E-mail

To forward your voicemail to your e-mail, please follow the procedure below.

Navigate to in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome.
Your user ID is your extension, and your password is your voicemail system password. This is no longer the pin associated with your account, but rather a separate password that is set for this system. By default it is 12345678.
Select My Information from the top menus.
Select Unified Messaging from the side menu.
Under the primary e-mail portion, type in your e-mail address in the e-mail address field. 
Make sure the Voicemail Notification is set to E-mail notification and not to No notification.
Set the E-mail format to Brief.
Click the checkbox next to Attach audio.
Click Apply on the bottom of the screen.

Now any future voicemails should be forwarded to your e-mail.