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Adhoc Conferencing
This method of conferencing requires you to call each party individually to conference them together. Due to the complexity in procedure, we recommend only using Adhoc Conferencing when 4 or less parties will be involved.
1. During an active call, press the More soft key, followed by the Confrn soft key.
2. Your connected party/ies will be placed on hold.
3. Dial the additional party to whom you wish to conference.
4. Press the Confrn soft key to join all your connected parties into a conference.
Repeat steps 1 - 4 for each party you wish to add to the conference.

MeetMe Conferencing
The MeetMe feature uses conference bridge technology. This allow callers to join the conference simply by dialing the MeetMe Conference number.
To use MeetMe conference you will first need to obtain an available MeetMe Conference number from the Helpdesk. Inform the Helpdesk which days and times you will be using the conference number so they can make sure it is not given out to other users.
The conference coordinator must activate the conference call before others may join.
Lift your handset, press the More soft key, then press the MeetMe soft key.
Enter the MeetMe conference number.
You will hear a tone and your display will show: To Conference XXXX (where XXXX is the MeetMe number).
On-campus callers can enter the conference by dialing the four-digit MeetMe number.
Off-campus callers can enter the conference by dialing 845 688 followed by the four-digit MeetMe number.