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Placed Calls

Placed Calls Directory
To review placed calls, press the  (Services) button.
Press 2 for Directories.
Press 3 for Placed Calls.
User your blue  (Navigation) button to switch between records.
Press the Details soft key to display additional information about the call.

Redialing a Placed Call
Lift your handset to automatically dial the selected number.

Deleting a Record
It may be necessary to delete a record for privacy reason.
You can delete a record by first selecting it with your blue  (Navigation) button, then pressing the More soft key, followed by the Delete soft key.

Clearing the Placed Calls History
It may be necessary to erase the placed calls history for privacy reasons.
You can clear your placed calls history by pressing the More soft key, followed by the Clear soft key.

Exiting Directories
Press the  (Services) button.