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Answering Calls

Answering Calls
Your phone will ring when you have an incoming call. The indicator light on your handset will flash red and your screen will show 
(animated icons) next to your extension number. You display screen will show the name and number of the person who is calling (if available).
To answer the call, lift your handset and greet your caller.

Call Waiting
Your phone also allows you to take a second call. Your phone will make an audible beep when a second call is received. Your display will also show the name and number of the second caller.
To ignore the call, press the iDivert soft key. This will send the caller to voicemail.
Press the Answer soft key to switch to the second call. Your first call will automatically be placed on hold.
Your display will show the  (call suspended) icon next to the call placed on hold and the  (call connected) icon next the active call. 
You can switch between the calls by using your blue  (Navigation) button and pressing the illuminated (Hold) button.

Ending a Call
To end a call, restore the handset or press the EndCall soft key