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General Information
The Polycom Soundpoint 335 is a two line VoIP HD telephone. It features a back-lit digital display screen, three feature soft keys, voicemail indication, and speakerphone.

Call Handling
Answering Calls - How to answer incoming calls.
Making Calls - How to make calls from your telephone.
Speakerphone - How to switch between speakerphone and the handset.
Call Pick up - How to pick up calls ringing on other phones in your office.
Call Hold - How to place calls on hold.
Transfer - How to transfer calls to another phone or voicemail box.
Conferencing - How to make conference calls.
Do Not Disturb - How to use the DND feature.
Forward - How to forward your calls to another phone.

Received Calls - How to review previously received calls.
Placed Calls - How to review previously dialed numbers.

Services and Applications
Campus Events - How to view campus events from your telephone.

First Time Enrollment - How to setup your voicemail box.
Checking Voicemail - How to check your voicemail.
Changing your Voicemail Greeting - How to change your greeting.
Changing your Voicemail PIN - How to change your voicemail password.
Voicemail Menu Tree - Diagram of voicemail menu options.

User Preferences