Remote Access

My SUNY Ulster Portal
Several campus services including Banner Self Service, Email and Library Resources are available by logging into the My SUNY Ulster Portal. The only service that truly requires a special connection to the campus network is Banner 9.

Virtual Private Networking
College employee can request the ability to access Banner 9 from off-campus by requesting access to SUNY Ulster's Virtual Private Networking (VPN) Service. Access to the campus network over VPN requires a documented business or academic need, and approval from two Vice Presidents.

If you have been granted remote access to Banner 9 over VPN, you can use the guide below to get connected.  The connection will establish a session with a computer that is located on campus.  So, you will be logging onto and using a "remote desktop."  Once you are logged in to the desktop, you can launch Chrome, log into the portal and use Banner just as you would from your office computer.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the help desk via email, so that a ticket gets created any one of a number of OIT staff can be available to assist.

Guide to Connecting to Banner Over VPN