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Mail Merging - Email

In order to run a mail merge you must have Outlook set up with Google Apps Sync available on your computer.  If you do not have Outlook configured, please contact OIT at 5169 or 

Open Microsoft Outlook and minimize it.

In Banner INB run the report that will provide the data you need.

Be sure to Enter "DATABASE" in Printer field.

Open the data in Microsoft Excel and delimit with comma's.

Save your data as either a CSV or an Excel workbook.


Open Microsoft Word

Click the "Mailings" menu item

Click "Start Mail Merge"

From the Start Mail Merge Menu Select "Email Messages"

Click "Select Recipients"

Click "Use Existing List"

Browse to your U drive folder and the Banjobs subfolder

Select the data source you ran from Banner and saved as either a csv or Excel workbook.  

Write your message.

Insert Merge Fields where desired.  For instance, you can, in most cases, insert a first name after the word "Dear".
Be sure to include accurate spacing and punctuation before and after the inserted fields.

When you have completed drafting your message:

Click "Preview Results" and scroll through the records to confirm that all the desired data is included and that the formatting is as planned.

Click "Finish & Merge"

Select "Send E-mail messages"

In the window that pops up enter the email Subject in the "Subject line" field.

Click "OK".

Email will be sent via Outlook.