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Adjunct Contract Merge (2016)

In Banner INB run GWLFACL for your specific department adjunct population.

Be sure to Enter "DATABASE" in Printer field.

**Mark the "Blank Field" parameter with a "Y".**


Open Word

Find and open the Adjunct Contract Form 2016.

If you have previously used this document as a merge template you will probably see a Microsoft Word pop up that looks something like this:

     Click "Yes"

This allows the document to use the last data source you ran for this template.  

Often, this data source is no longer available.  Word will let you know that it can't find the data source.  Click "OK".

Next you will be asked to click either "Find Data Source" or "Options..."

Click "Find Data Source..."

Navigate to the banjobs folder in your U drive into which Banner data is sent or select another data source if appropriate.

You should now see the document with the merge fields visible.

On the top menu click "Mailings".

Click "Preview Results"
You can click through each recipient.

Click "Finish & Merge".

Click "Edit Individual Documents"
This will open a new document which has each contract on a separate page.  The document will be called "Letters1"

Perform a "Save As" on this document so you do not lose these contracts.

Enter text in each field that is marked "Click here to enter text"

You will need to scroll through the entire document, editing the "Click here fields" and occasionally making minor formatting changes, such as removing a blank page between contracts (simply delete or backspace until the page disappears).

When the contracts are as you want them, print and distribute.