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Data Jacks

General Information
Network data jacks allow computers, printers, and telephones to operate on the college network.  The data jacks on campus are configured for specific needs base on the location and device(s) connected.

Instructor Workstations in the Computer Labs
The data jacks that feed computer lab instructor machines are configured to only allow the designated instructor workstation to operate of the network data jack. 
These data jacks allow the same network access as an office data jack (ie. Banner INB, U Drive, V Drive, etc).
Plugging in a different workstation or computer will caused the data jack to automatically disable preventing unauthorized access to the network.

Office Workstation
The data jacks in offices with dedicated computers, printers, and/or telephones have access to all employee resources (ie. Banner INBU DriveV Drive, etc). Plugging in personal equipment into an office data jack is prohibited by the SUNY Ulster IT Security Policy.

Student Workstations in the Computer Labs
The data jacks that feed the student workstations allows access to all student resources, however, restrict access to employee resources. Unplugging a student workstation to connect your personal equipment is prohibited by the SUNY Ulster IT Security Policy.

Vacant Classroom Ports
Many of the non-computer lab classrooms have a single vacant port available in the front of the classroom. These ports, likes the personal use wireless, require registration of your personal device before the port can be used. College-owned devices can utilize on the vacant classroom ports without the need of registration.

Vacant Office Ports
Vacant offices ports are either disabled or have been placed on the personal device network. You can email a request to if you require a data jack to be activated.