Creating a Meeting Request

Using the Google Calendar web application, click the Create event button.
Type a subject for your meeting or even into the What field.

The When section fields will default to today's date and the next available 30-minute block of time.
You can change the starting and ending dates by clicking on the date and using the pop-out calendar to select your desired date.
You can also adjust the starting and ending time by clicking the times and selecting the desired time using the pop-out list or manually typing the time using your keyboard.

Click the Check guest and resource availability link.

Start typing a first name, last name, or email address of an attendee you wish to invite. Google Calendar will begin to display a listing of matched names if they exist in any of your Google contacts lists. A full email address will need to be entered for any attendees that do not exist within the contact list.
Click the desired matched name or press the Enter key if a full email address was entered.
Repeat this section for each attendee you wish to invite.
Google Calendar with display the free/busy time each SUNY Ulster user that you have added. In the example below, all of the recipients are available during the desired meeting time:
You may wish to adjust your starting or ending time should you find that your meeting attendees have conflicts in their schedule.
Click the Save changes button when you have finished adding attendees.

Type a desired location into the Where field.
Select which calendar this event should be added to by using the Calendar drop-down menu. Your personal calendar will be labeled with your email address.
Type any additional details regarding the meeting into Description field.
Optionally, you can use the Add attachment link to attach an agenda or other documents to the meeting request.

By default, Google Calendar will display a reminder pop-up (if open) as well as send you a reminder email 10 minutes prior to the meeting appointment. You can adjust these intervals in the Reminders section. You can also disable them by clicking the X to the right of the reminder.

Click the Save button when finished.
Google Calendar will display a Send invitations? pop-up. Click the Send button to send invitations to your attendees.