Adding an Event to your Calendar

Using the Google Calendar web application, click the Create event button.

Type a subject for your event into the What field.

The When section fields will default to today's date and the next available 30-minute block of time.
You can change the starting and ending dates by clicking on the date and using the pop-out calendar to select your desired date.
You can also adjust the starting and ending time by clicking the times and selecting the desired time using the pop-out list or manually typing the time using your keyboard.

Optionally, you may type a desired location into the Where field.
Select which calendar this event should be added to by using the Calendar drop-down menu. Your personal calendar will be labeled with your email address.
Optionally, you may type a description or any notations into the Description field.

By default, Your Google Calendar will display a reminder pop-up (if open) as well as send you a reminder email 10 minutes prior to your event/appointment. You can adjust these intervals in the Reminders section. You can also disable them by clicking the X to the right of the reminder.

Choose whether this event should show as Busy or Available time on your calendar.

Click the Save button when finished.