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Managing Message Labels

Message labels allow you to organize your mail similar to Outlook folders, however, offers the advantage of assigning multiple label to each conversation. Once you have created a label, you can view all messages with that label by searching, or by clicking the label's name along the left side of any Google Mail page.

Creating Labels
Click the Labels drop-down menu and select Manage labels.
Scroll down to the Labels section.
Type a desired name into the Create a new label text box.
Click the Create button.
Click the Inbox when finished.

Deleting Labels
Click the Labels drop-down menu and select Manage labels.
Scroll down to the Labels section.
Click the remove link to the right of the label you wish to delete.
Click the OK button to confirm deletion of the label.
Click the Inbox when finished.

Selecting Labels to be Shown
You can manage which labels appears on the left side of Google Mail by following the procedure below. All hidden labels will appear under the more option.
Click the Labels drop-down menu and select Manage labels.
Click the show link for each label that should be shown.
Click the hide link for each label that should be hidden.
Click the Inbox when finished.

Labeling a Conversation
With an open conversation, click the Labels drop down menu.
Check the check box for each label that should be applied to the message.
Click the Apply option.

Viewing Labeled Messages
Select the label from the left hand side of the Google Mail interface. You may need to first click the more option is the label has been hidden.
Alternately, you may type the labels name into the search box and click Search Mail located to the right of the SUNYUlster logo.