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Gmail Mobile

Your SUNY Ulster email account is powered by Google's Gmail service.

Your SUNY Ulster Gmail account has its own distinct password.  When you access your email through the MYSUNYULSTER portal, you don't need to even know what this password is.  Since you already authenticated yourself to the portal, you are granted access to your email without having to log in to you Gmail account separately.  However, in order to set up your mobile device to access your Gmail account you need to know what your Google password is.  To get your Google password, follow these steps:

Log onto the Portal.

On the Home tab go to the "Password Management" channel toward the upper right of the Home tab screen.

Click on "Change your Gmail Password."

Read the displayed text.

Click the "Reset Password" button at the bottom of the screen.

The password you will use to access Gmail from your mobile devices or Outlook will display.

Every time you reset your password the previous password will no longer function and you will lose access to your email accounts set up with the previous password.  


Log onto the MYSUNYULSTER portal, and click the "Email" icon in the top right to open your SUNY Ulster email account.

Create a new message, and address it as follows:
  • If you are a student, send the message to ''
  • If you are an employee, send the message to ''
You can leave the subject and message blank. Send the message.

The message MUST be sent from your SUNY Ulster email account!

In a few minutes, you will receive a reply that provides further instructions.  Use your Google account credentials to set up a Google-based account on your Android or IOS device, or using IMAP for third party email clients or other devices.

For assistance in setting up a mobile application or email client, please contact the SUNY Ulster Student Technology Coordinator at (845) 688-1989 or email