Google Mail

Welcome to the Google Mail support section.  Below you will find articles about common tasks done in the Google Mail web-base application.

Conversation View - Understanding how Gmail displays messages, and changing it back to normal.
Archive vs Delete - Understanding the difference between archiving and deleting a conversation.
Composing a Message - How to compose a new email message.
Editing your Signature - How to setup a signature that will appear at the bottom of all your email messages.
Gmail on your Mobile Device - How to set up Gmail on your phone or tablet.
Forward your Gmail email - Forward your SUNY Ulster Gmail to a personal account.
Managing Message Labels - How to use messages labels to organize and sort archived mail.
Managing Contacts - How to add and manage contacts.
"Out of Office" Vacation Responder - How to enable the automatic email responder while you are out of the office.
Exchange to Gmail changes - A list of features that have changed or become unavailable during the Exchange to Gmail migration
Delegate access to your Email - Provide access to your email to another gmail user.