SWRDISA - for merge

In order to run a mail merge you must have Outlook set up with Google Apps Sync available on your computer.  If you do not have Outlook configured, please contact OIT at 5169 or helpdesk@sunyulster.edu. 

Open Microsoft Outlook

In Banner INB run SWRDISA

Enter "DATABASE" in Printer field.

Next Block 

Select "DISA_STU_LIST" as Letter Name Parameter.

Select additional parameters as appropriate. 

Next Block

Open Microsoft Word

Open template

You will probably see the following error:

Click "No"

Review the text of the template.

Click the "Mailings" menu item

Click "Start Mail Merge"

Select "Email Messages"

Click "Select Recipients"

Select "Use Existing List"

Browse to your U drive folder and the Banjobs subfolder

Select the data source run from SWRDISA (it will be called DISA_STU_LIST_mmddyy.csv)

Click "Preview Results" from ribbon at the top of the screen.
Use the arrows to scroll through as many records as you like to ensure the data is accurate.

Click "Finish & Merge"

Select "Send E-mail messages"

In the window that pops up enter the email Subject in the "Subject line" field.

Click "OK".

Email will be sent via Outlook.