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STVTESC - SOATEST Validation Table

There are three categories in which SUNY Ulster students must prove proficiency before being registered into most courses.  

These categories are:

Essay Writing

Students must either take a Compass test to determine their proficiency or prove their proficiency by qualifying for an Exemption to testing.

Several reports and rosters produced by Banner, such as GWLSTUD and GWLATTD reflect whether or not a student is required to take a placement test or has an exemption to testing.  In order for these rosters and reports to provide accurate information regarding Exemptions STVTESC must be populated with codes specific to the type of exemption for which the student has qualified.

These codes are:
R: Reading exempt
E: Essay exempt
M: Math exempt

In order to view or update these codes go to STVTESC in Banner.

Either review all codes or find the specific code you need to review / update.

In the example to the left the 

WRIT (Asset Writing) testing / exemption code is classefied as an Essay exemption in the MIS field with an "E"

XM12 (Ex Pre-KHS-Calc/Ad Alg-80) testing / exemption code is classified as a Math exemption in the MIS field with an "M"

The XMB+ (Ex Math B 80+ (Math 160) testing / exemption code is NOT classified as a Math exemption which is evidenced by the lack of the "M" code in the MIS field.

In order to classify the XMB+ testing / exemption code as a Math Exemption you must update the MIS code by entering an "M".

Please be aware that only authorized users are allowed to make these changes.