Before inserting a new function code first search to confirm that the code does not yet exist.

Functions are created by using a single character representing the purpose (roughly) of the function followed by the date and time of the appointment (function).

Most Admissions and Recruiting appointments start with an A
Compass Testing appointments start with an C
Advisement & Registration appointments start with an R

An Admissions appointment taking place at 10:15 a.m. on March 10th will appear as the code: A0310_1015
An Advisement & Registration appointment taking place at 4:20 p.m. on April 20th will appear as the code: R0420_1620 (NOTE THE MILITARY TIME).

    Search: From the menu bar click "Query", "Enter" or 
                 type F7 (all data will disappear from the form)
                    In the "Code" field
                    Use the % wildcard to enter just the date for your function (appointment).  
                     %MMDD% ex. %0310%

                  From the menu bar click "Query", "Execute" or
                  type F8

        If the code you are searching for does not exist you can proceed to create it.

        If the code you are searching for does exist:
             1. confirm that the description does not match the function you were planning to enter (if it does, proceed to the GEAFUNC instructions).
             2. confirm that the initial letter in the code and the time do not match the parameters you were planning to create
                     if the code matches what you need to enter but does not represent your function, you have the option of creating a code with the same format but an added single letter at the end of the code to make it distinct from the existing code. 

Record Insert

Many recurring functions have a predetermined code matrix.
    Advisement and Registration functions all start with the letter R and are followed by the date_time of the function e.g. R0201_0900 (function takes place on February 1st and
    9:00 a.m.)
    Assessment Test functions all start with the letter C and follow the same pattern as Advisement and Registration (with the exception of tests taking place at the BRC).
    Admissions functions begin with the letter A and are followed by the date_time of the function.

Enter the appropriate Function Code.
Enter the function description.
Enter a function type.

SAVE (F10)

This process is now complete and the function can be applied to an existing event.