GEAFUNC - Update

You may need to update or adjust an existing Function.

Available / not Available online
Appointments that are available online have "WEB_APPT" in the "Invitation" Field

Dates of Online Availability
Appointments are made available online on the date in the "Invitation Date" field.
Appointments are no longer available at midnight on the date in the "Response Date" field.

Number of people who can make appointments for a given function:
Number is stored in the "Planned Attendance" field.

Confirmation Text:
The text is recorded in the comment field.
For each line of text the "Subject Index" in the next block must be set to "WEBMSG".
If you want to remove a line of text from being seen by students who sign up for an appointment you only need to remove the WEBMSG subject.
If you want to add text be sure to also make sure the subject index is set to "WEBMSG".