Once an overarching event has been created functions (repeating events) must be created.

Before you begin an Event must exist in Banner in SLAEVNT.  
An event is the overarching category for which multiple appointments (functions) will be created and made available.
The Registrar creates all events in Banner.

In many cases it is best to use a general event title that can be used over a large period of time.  This is especially true for ongoing events such as "Advisement & Registration", "Assessment Testing", "Admissions Tours".  Each Event has a five character code starting with either an A or a B followed by four digits.

Once you have a code you must create and apply functions in Banner.

Step 1. 
GTVFUNC - Create a function code.
Creating a function code is the first step to inserting a new function under an existing event.

GEAFUNC -  Enter a new function under an Event for online appointments and attendance tracking.
GEAFUNC - Update an existing function.