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Mass Registration - one course to another (SFAMREG)


Term: Enter term for course into which students are to be registered.

Registration Date: Will default to current date.

Search Criteria: 
    Search Term: Term of the course from which you want the students to be registered into the new course.
    Currently in CRN: Enter the CRN of the course that they are currently registered

    The rest you can leave blank.

Next Block

Registration Course Add Values
    Enter the CRN for the course into which you want to register the students.
        Most of the data will populate into their given fields. 

You will still need to:
    Enter a Grading mode for the course.

    Enter a Registration Status - in most cases this will be RE

Next Block to the "Results" tab.

You will see the students registered in the original course. 

Select the students you wish to register or click "Select All" from the "Select Indicator"

Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the screen.


If there are any issues with the registrations, such as time conflicts, they will appear in the "Message" field.

If the student is successfully registered the "Yes" button will be clicked and  "Registration request successfully processed." will be in the message field.