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Use this letter, via an emailed mail merge, to inform faculty of students who are not compliant with their MMR's.  
Students enrolled in online classes should not appear on this list.

In Banner INB (accessed from Portal)


Next Block 

Enter "DATABASE" in the Printer field

printer - database.jpg

Next Block

Enter Values for each parameter listed below.

01    Letter Name                              REG_MMR_INSTRUCTOR_NOTICE
10    From Date                                Leave blank
11    To Date                                    Leave blank
12    Include Bridge Students?           N 
15    Output File Extension                CSV 
19    Part of Term                             Either the specific section number or "%" for all
20    Term Code                               Enter term code 
21    Preregistration Term                  Leave blank
22    Update Letter Gen Table            N
23    Run All Students?                     Y
24    Phone Type                              Leave blank
25    Schedule Type                          %
26    Hold Type                                Leave blank
27    Campus Code                          Leave blank
28    Campus Code Excluded            Leave blank
29    Attributes to Include                  Leave blank
30    Remove Withdrawals                N

Next Block


Wait five minutes

Open Outlook (if you will merge to email)

Open Word

Click the "Mailings" tab

Click the Start Mail Merge icon on the ribbon

Select E-mail Messages

Click "Select Recipients"

Click "Use Existing List"

Navigate to your banjobs folder in your U drive



Write you email, leaving spaces for instructor names, student names, and classes.


To fill those spaces click "Insert Merge Field"

Place your cursor in the space you want the merged information.

Select the appropriate field, such as <<first>> for first name


When you have finished building your email with merge fields, click the "Preview Results" button.


Use the arrows to the right of the preview results button to navigate a few of the recipients to make sure everything looks good.  Make adjustments as necessary.


When you are ready to send the email, click "Finish & Merge"

Click "Send E-mail Messages"

A window will pop up.

Confirm the "email" field is appropriate (faculty and not student)

Enter the subject line you wish to appear on the email.

Click OK


Your Outbox will start to fill up and over time will empty as your sent items populate.


Files saved in Banjobs will only remain there for 15 days.