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Pre-Registration List

In Banner:



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printer - database.jpg

In the Printer field, enter “Database”

Enter Parameter Values:


10: From Date: “leave blank”

11: To Date: “leave blank”

14: Include Bridge Students: Y

15: Output File Extension: csv

19: Part of Term: %

20: Term Code: Term most recently completed (Fall or Spring)

21: Preregistration Term:        Term into which they should be registering

22: Update Letter Generation table: N

23: Run All Students? Y

24: Phone Type: “leave blank”

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If you are going to mail merge:

Open Outlook with the UlsterRegistrar Profile

keep Outlook open and

Open MicroSoft Excel

In Excel:

Open file by accessing your U drive

        Open the Banjobs folder

        Make sure you are searching for "All Files" not just Excel files


        Please be aware that this list includes Non-Matriculated students - you may prefer to sort and remove these students from this particular                  communication.

Generic Email or Personalized Email


Draft an email in the UlsterRegistrar Account

Copy out the college email addresses from the REG_PREREGISTRATION_NOTICE spreadsheet.

Paste addresses into the BCC field in your draft email.


Merge - personalize the email

Open Microsoft Word

Click "Start Mail Merge"

        Click "E-mail messages"

        Draft your email - when you want to use a merge field, such as name, leave a blank space or a place holder such as <<name>>.

Click “Select Recipients”

Click “Use an Existing List”

Go to: U:\xxxx\Banjobs\

Open file beginning “REG_PREREGISTRATION_NOTICE_…” with date report was run concluding the file name.

For instance:


Make necessary changes to text of letter:

Replace the place holder with merge fields by placing cursor where the merge field should go and clicking on "Insert Merge Field"

Select the field you wish to display such as <<FIRST_NAME>>.

Click “Finish & Merge”

Click “Send Email Messages”

In the “To” field, use the down arrow to access the drop down list of fields and select “STU_EMAIL”.

Enter a subject line such as “SUNY Ulster Registration deadline approaching”

Click “Ok”

The email will then run through Outlook, you can view the mail in the “sent folder”.