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Look up Person Information in Banner (SPAIDEN)

You want to look up Person information in Banner (Address, Phone, Email, Emergency Contact)
Solution (For a brief video of this solution please click here )
Log into Banner (either via the Portal for Staff / Faculty or via the provided link for Student Aides).
Go to SPAIDEN  Picture

    a. Enter the Person's U number in the ID field or
    b. Enter the Person's name, "Last Name, First Name"

Utilize the Banner Wildcard "%" whenever there is question as to spelling.
Next Block Picture(Ctrl/Page Down)  

Click the tab labelled with the information you want to view (Address, Telephone, E-mail, Emergency Contact)
Scroll down through multiple entries in an given tab by using the Next Record Icon or menu item, or the down arrow on your keyboard.
Exit using the X at the upper right of screen.