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Making a new appointment for an event (GEAATTD)

How to make an appointment for an Existing Function in Banner.



Enter / Search for the event code and Tab once.

Click the Search button to the right of the Function field.

Select the function.

Double click on the Function you want to enter the attendee.

Next block

If the event has a limited attendance capacity you will need to confirm that there are spots available.

Scroll (using the down arrow) to a blank ID field.

If there is an ID in the ID field scroll down until you reach a blank ID field.

Look to the very bottom of the Banner screen and note the number of the blank record:

The second number is the number of students already enrolled in this session.

If the second number is less than the maximum enrollment number then you can enter the student as an attendee. 

If you are entering the first attendee to this Function the following notice will appear:

Click “OK”