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Printing the Weekly Reminder (GWRWREM)

In Banner go to GWRWREM

Next Block  (Ctrl / Page Down)

In the Printer field type "DATABASE".

Next Block  (Ctrl / Page Down)

Enter the following Values to their corresponding Parameters:

01    Start Date                                MM-DD-YYYY
02    End Date                                 MM-DD-YYYY
03    Term Code                              Enter the term code (Year followed by 01- Winternet, 02 - Spring, 04 - Summer, 08 -  Fall
04    Copies                                     
05    Print Footer Page?                    Y or N
06    Campus                                   % for all, M - Stone Ridge Campus, K - Kingston Center, B - Business Resource Center
07    Phone Type Priority 2                Optional or click the "values" button for more option.
08    Phone Type Priority 3                Optional or click the "values" button for more option.
09    Noncredit courses excluded       Leave blank to exclude non-credit courses, type % to include all.
15    Sort Options                              Leave blank to sort by time, type L to sort by Location instead.
16    Print Comments                        Y or N
20    Email Ind                                  Y or N

Click the "Options" menu item at the top of the screen.

Click "Print Output [GJIREVO]"

The "Process" will be filled in with "GWRWREM"
The "Number" will be filled in.

Double Click in the "File Name:" field.

Double Click the .lis file that is probably the top selection.

Click the "Options" menu item.

Click "Show Documents - Save and Print File".

Click "Yes" on the Pop up that reads "You have selected to Show file".

So long as you have enabled pop-ups in Firefox a new Firefox tab should appear.

On the upper right of the Firefox screen click the three horizontal lines icon: 

Click "Save Page"

Save page to a computer or network location.

Open Microsoft Word

Open the file you saved above.

Change Orientation to Landscape.