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Printing an Event Roster

In Banner go to GWLATTD

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or CTRL/Page_Down

If you want to run the Roster to a csv (Excel) enter "DATABASE" in the Printer field.
If you want to print a Roster (condensed information), enter your Printer into the Printer field
    Enter LGL in the Special Print Field.

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Parameters & Values:

05: Event Code                The code created in SLAEVNT for the event
10: Function Code            The code that designates for which Function of the above event you wish to print a roster.
                                       You can enter % to run all events designated to the Event. 
15: Registration Term:       The term for which the student is registering.
                                        Without the term many of the fields in the Roster can not be populated.

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or F10

If you entered your printer the roster should now print.

If you entered DATABASE in the print field you will need to do the following.

Open Excel on your computer.

Click Open and navigate to your U drive folder
Click on Banjobs in your U drive folder

In the drop down to the right of the File Name field at the bottom of the Open window change 
"All Excel Files" to
"All Files"

Select the file named "GWLATTD_" followed by the date the report was run in the mmddyy format.
example: GWLATTD_072515
(The file will have a "word" designation but will open in Excel by using the following instructions)

After you click the file a window will appear asking your to "Choose the file type that best describes your data:"

Click the "Delimited" button

Click "Next"

Click the "Comma" button

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

Your data will appear in Excel.

Reference Key for Roster:
OR - Orienation
REG - Registration
AT - Assessment Testing
FA - Financial Aid
IM - Immunization
AL - SUNY Ulster Alert

For Compass Rosters:
Once the Roster has printed check the OR field in the Roster.
There is a special case where instead of a Y or an N there will appear an X
An X means the student has neither taken the Orientation nor been entered into the Orientation class list.
If an X appears, confirm the student is Admitted for the term.  If Yes, then determine if 24 hours have passed since the student was Admitted.

If the student is both accepted and 24 hours have passed, please report to

* In order to maintain accurate exemption reporting when students sign up for their Compass tests the Validation Table used to populate SOATEST must be kept up to date.  For instructions on how to update this table (STVTESC) click here.