Update an Existing Appointment

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In the Event Field Enter your Event Code 

In the function field enter the function code (Click the down arrow to the right of the function code to perform a search) or enter the function code directly:
    Function codes are created by using an initial letter (R-Registration, A-Admissions, C-Assessment Tests)
    followed by the four digit date of the appointment (May 1 will be written as 1001)
    followed by an underscore (_)
    followed by the time of the appointment written in military code (10:30 a.m.-1030, 2:45 p.m. - 1445)
    the complete code for an appointment such as an Advisement & Registration appointment on May 1st at 2:30 will read: R0501_1430

Next Block

The page that appears has the first person who already has an appointment for that day.
If this is not the person you wish to update, click the down arrow on your keyboard to scroll through all attendees until you find the one you want.

Remove Attendee: Click Record and then Remove from the top menu bar.
Phone Appointment: Update an appointment to a phone appointment by entering "PHONE" in the "Response" field.

Mark as attended: If you want to know, in the future, whether or not a person with an appointment actually attended the event, click the "Attended" button.