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Event Management (General)

The following is an overview of the steps required for creating and managing an Event in Banner.  Not every event will require every step to be taken but the most robust events will require all of them. 

The steps are often linked to in depth instruction on how to complete any given portion of the set up or management.

Once an event is conceived the Registrar's office will need to put the Event in Banner.

Simple events will only have one Function (a Function is a session, section or appointment of the event, events with multiple components or events that take place over more than one day will have multiple Functions).  The full scope of the Event should be mapped out prior to contacting the Registrar.

Create an Event

Once the Event is created in Banner appointments can be made for the event.

Making an appointment

There may be occasions where there is the possibility that the person calling to make the appointment is unsure as to whether or not they have already been scheduled in the system.  To first look up a students existing appointments you will need to go to GEIIDFN in Banner INB.  Enter the individuals U number or name and next block once.  You will then see all of that individuals existing appointments.