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Errors & Additional Information

Banner provides users with instructions, error's and additional information regarding forms, reports, etc, at the bottom of any given page.

"Term Code" - because the cursor is currently in the "Term" field

"press LIST for valid values." - instructs the user that they can click the down arrow beneath the word "Term" to see a list of available term codes to populate that field. 

"Record: 3/?" This tells the user that they are currently highlighting the 3rd record out of an unknown number of available records.

If the user scrolls to the bottom of a multiple record page they will see the total number of available records replace the "?".

Additional information for use when running extracts:
Reports that Extract Information, any form that starts with a "GWL" or "SWR" provide some standard and often some additional information to assist in entering the value for any given parameter.  Click here for more information.