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Data Upload for Popsel Creation

You want to run a report for a specific group of individuals run out of a different report or developed manually. 

Save your list of U numbers as either a comma separated value sheet (.csv) making sure that the first column of your document is populated solely by U numbers and does not have a header field.

Save the document as a .csv (Banner will not be able to upload from an Excel spreadsheet (xlsx))

Save this document, using a name without blank spaces to your banjobs folder in your U drive.

Go to GWRPSEL in Banner

Leave Printer field blank.

Parameters                    Values
File Name                      name of file with extension (.csv)
Application                     General
Selection                        POP_HOLDER
Selection Creator ID      GENERAL
Applend Pop Sel            N (unless you want to add to an existing list)

Next block and Save

Go to any report, such as GWLLETR, that accepts PopSel's as parameters.

The parameters you used in GWRPSEL will match the parameters in the second report.

Parameters                      Values
Application code              General
Selection code                 POP_HOLDER
Creator ID                       GENERAL
User ID                           Your ID (login)

You will determine the remaining parameters based on your needs at that time.

Next block and Save