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The best way to look up whether or not a specific classroom is in use is by inserting a date range (not a term code).


Enter the Building Code
Enter the Room Number or code

Tab until you reach "Term"
If there is a term code in the term field, delete it.

Tab once more to "Start Date"

Enter Start and End dates in the DD-MON-YYYY format

Execute Query (F8)

Determining whether a course is Credit, Non-Credit or an Event

Credit courses will have a term code ending in 01, 02, 04 or 08
Non-Credit courses will have a term code ending in 03, 06 or 09
Events will have a "Function" code

Printing the results:

Click the Help menu item at the top of the screen.
Click "Extract Data No Key"

Click "OK" 

A Microsoft Outlook Window with the data will open.