SWRAPPT (Meeting Report)

his report is designed to extract data from SOAAPPT where many Student Support Services and Learning Center meetings are recorded.

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Parameters                                        Values
Term Code                                         Enter term code    or
Start Date                                          Enter start date (MM/DD/YYYY) (if not using term code)
End Date                                           Enter end date (MM/DD/YYYY) (if using start date)
Major                                                 Enter major code (optional)
Appointment Type                               Enter Contact Type (place mouse to highlight "values" field and click the down arrow below the word "Values" to see a list                                                             of contact codes.)(optional)(you may "record"/"insert" to create multiple Appointment Type parameters)
TRIO Indicator                                    Y or N (required)
Disabled Indicator                               Y or N (required)
Population Selection                            Use pre-run pop-sel (optional - value = SWRAPPT)

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Click "Save Parameter Set as" if you would like to remember the values used the next time you run the report.


Go to your U drive
Banjobs folder

You will see a csv that can be opened in Excel.