List of Students (GWLSTUD)

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Next Block (CTRL / Page Down)

Enter "DATABASE" in the Printer field

printer - database.jpg

Next Block (CTRL / Page Down)

Enter Values for each parameter listed below.
If you do not know the specific value, in many instances, there is an available List of Values from which to search.

01    Letter Name                             STU_FULL_MATRIC_LIST
02    Term Code                               201708 (Four digit year followed by "02 - Spring", "08 - Fall")
03    Student ID                                either the U number or "%" wildcard for all students
04    Course                                     either the 3 character subject code followed without space by the course number 
                                                         or "%" for all
                                                         or the 3 characters of the subject code followed by % for those enrolled in any course within that subject. (MAT%...for only                                                             those enrolled in a Math class for the given term)
05    Section Number                       either the 2 or 3 character section number for the specific class
                                                         or "%" for all 
              or "%H" for only those enrolled in honor's.
              or "%C" for only those enrolled in ENG computer assisted courses.
06    Part of Term                             either the specific section number or "%" for all
07    Attribute Code                          either the attribute code or blank if not searching on attribute
08    Attribute Code excluded           either the attribute code to be excluded or blank if not searching on attribute
09    Online/Face2Face Only            A- All, O-  Online, F- F2F Only, B- Online & F2F only
10    Minimum Credits for Semester    the minimum # of credits student is taking for the semester (must be at least 1)
11    Include Non Matrics                   either Y or N 
12    Run with Transcript Program     N
13    Major Code                               Either the Major Code or "%" for all majors (search for majors using the List of Values button.)
14    Update Letter Generation Tbl      N
15    Campus Code                           % for All or enter a specific Campus Code.
16    Run all Students                        Y
17    Phone Type                              Leave Blank
18    Concentration Codes                 % for All

Next Block (CTRL / Page Down)

SAVE (F10)

Wait five minutes

Open Excel

File Open

Open the Banjobs folder found in your U drive

Make sure "All Files" is selected to the right of File Name

Select STU_FULL_MATRIC_LIST_mmddyy.txt

The "Text Import Wizard" will appear on the screen.

Click the "Delimited" button

Click Next >

Click "Comma" button

Click Next >

Click Finish

You can then manipulate the data in Excel as you see fit.

Files saved in Banjobs will only remain there for 15 days.