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Next Block (CTRL/Page Down) to the Printer field

Enter "DATABASE" in the Printer field

printer - database.jpg

Next Block (CTRL / Page Down)

Enter Values for each parameter listed below: 

Number   Parameters Values
 02Recruit From Date  
 03Recruit To Date    
 04Recruiter Code  Enter the U number for a specific recruiter or enter "%" for all.
 05Recruit Type % (unless you are searching on a specific recruit type such as "Collegian" or  "New Recruit"
 06 High School Code% for all or Enter the specific high school code from STVSBGI (click "Values" for access to STVSBGI.    
 07 Major Code Enter a specific major code or % (this parameter can be entered more than once should multiple majors be requested)
 08       Student's HS Percentile    100 for all students or enter a specific percentile 
 09   Interests  % or select an interest by clicking the "Values" button.  (this parameter can be entered more than once should multiple majors be requested)
 10Contact Type  Enter a Contact Type to see students entered with this type
 11 Include Students in Admissions N to include only students who have not completed an application / Y to include student who have completed an application
 13Include Enrolled Students  N to include only students who are not currently enrolled in classes / Y to include students who are currently enrolled in classes.
 20Term Code Enter a specific term code if you are looking only for students interested in attending that specific term.  Enter % to include all potential term codes.
 21Update Letter Generation Table     N unless you have specific instructions to do so. 
 22Print List    

Next Block (CTRL / Page Down)

SAVE (F10)

Wait five minutes

Open Excel

File Open

Open the Banjobs folder found in your U drive

Make sure "All Files" is selected to the right of File Name

Select REC_RECRUIT_NOTICE_mmddyy.csv

You can then manipulate the data in Excel as you see fit.

Files saved in Banjobs will only remain there for 15 days.