In Banner INB go to GWLFACL 

Next Block twice, leaving pdf in the "Printer" field.

Enter Values for each parameter listed below.

01    Full Time/Part Time Status        F-full time, P-adjunct, %-all
02    Department                               Enter the department code or % for all*
05    Campus Code                           Enter the campus code (available codes can be found by clicking the "Values" button) or % to run for all campuses.  
20    Term Code                                Enter the term code 
25    Courses Layout                         If you want to see one row for each course, type Y, if you want all the courses taught by a single instructor on the same line,                                                          type N
30    Faculty ID                                 For a single faculty member, enter their ID. 
                                                         For all faculty that fit within the prior parameters, leave the field blank. 
                                                         If you want to run this for a select group of faculty, enter the first faculty ID then click "Record" from the top menu and "Insert",                                                          this will create a new line, type "30" in the Number field and then enter the next faculty ID in the values field.  You can do this                                                          for as many faculty as you wish.
35    Blank Field                               Use N unless running for contract merge.

Next Block


Your Data will appear as both a pdf and an Excel spreadsheet in your U:/banjobs folder.

*If you do not know the department code, click the down arrow directly beneath "Values".
Click here for detailed instructions or follow the below:
In order to find active department codes:
    Click "Query" from the top menu bar and "Enter"
    In the "Description" field type *%
    Click "Query" from the top menu bar and "Execute"
    This will display the currently active department codes.
    Double click on the department you need.
    You can also consolidate codes that start with the same numbers by typing the number followed by %
            "64%" will provide you with faculty for 7 different departments