Value fields

Different parameters can be populated with different kinds of data.

Each parameter is accompanied by a set of standards that apply to that particular parameters' value.

Every Parameter is supplemented with the following information:

Length: The number of characters that can be entered into the field.  You will be able to enter more than this but the system will show you an error when you attempt to leave that field. 

Type: This is almost always "Character" as these fields are populated with either letters or numbers.

O/R: This stands for Optional or Required.  Not every field requires information for the extract to run.  

>M/S: This stands for Multiple or Single.  Some parameters can be duplicated to broaden the search...
    Example: in SWRRETN the user has the option of entering multiple Major Codes.
                    Make sure the parameter you wish to duplicate is highlighted.
                    From the menu, click "Record" and then "Insert" 
                    A blank parameter will appear below the highlighted parameter.
                    In the "Number" field, enter the same number as the parameter you wish to duplicate.
                        This will populate the Parameter name.
                    Tab into the Value's field and enter the second value.  
                    This process can be repeated as many times as necessary for the data you are collecting. 
                        If you duplicated a parameter in error, in the menu, click "Record" and then "Remove"

Some parameters include additional information to be used when populated the value.
    Often this information includes what the valid parameters are so that you do not need to click on the "Values" button. 
    Example: in SWRRETN the user is provided the only options for populating the "First Time/Full Time Only" Parameter.