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Name Search: Use a Wildcard to fill in unknown characters in someone's name.
    Example: You want to find information about "Harvey Fierstein" but you are not 100% sure how to spell his name.
            By entering "F%r%s%n, Harvey" and then clicking "Enter" or "Tab" on your keyboard, Banner will either populate the name, if it is the only available                       option, or provide you with a list of possible names from which to choose.

    Wildcard's can be used in multiple positions for any given name search including the very beginning and very end.

Term Search:

Extract Parameter Values: Use a wildcard to broaden a value being used to extract data from Banner.
    Example:     GWLSTUD - you want to run the report for all students enrolled in an ENG course for a given semester.
                        In the Value field for the Course parameter, instead of the Subject Code and the Course Number, you can enter just the Subject Code followed by                         %.  (The course code to extract students enrolled in all English courses for a given semester is "ENG%"