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Web Application - Update Program Display

Planned Curriculum

To  ensure that the selection of Planned Courses or Study is up to date and reasonable to view should be confirmed and if necessary updated each semester.

Prior to beginning this process have a current and up to date list of Majors available.

In Banner:


Select the Term: Enter the application term the student will select.

Next Block

Populate the “Base Curriculum Rules” section by click “Query/Execute” from the menu or “F8” on the keyboard.

As you scroll through the programs, at the bottom of the screen you will see the Program Description displayed as it will appear on the application.

SOACURR Program Description.png

To change a program description appearance on the application:

Highlight an individual program and then click “Majors and Departments”

Select the drop down arrow from the “From Term”

SOACURR From Term.pngSOACURR option list.png

select “Display Existing Rules”

Select the most most recent or current term.

Change display of Description (remove *)

In the EDI and Self Service field remove the * from those program descriptions that begin with * so that all programs appear in alphabetic order without *.  This will only change the display not the actual format of the description, allowing up to maintain the * as a means of recognizing active programs as compared to inactive programs.

SOACURR EDI and Self Service.png