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GWLADMN - Student admit report

In Banner go to GWLADMN

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or CTRL/Page_Down

Enter "DATABASE" in the Printer field.

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Parameters & Values:

01: Letter Name                       Click the "Values" button and select the appropriate population.  
02: Registration Term Code      The term code for the first semester the students are registered  
03: Admit From Date               The first date from which a student is admitted.
04: Admit To Date                   The last date in the range from which a student is admitted
05: File Extension                    CSV
06: Major                                Enter Major Code or click "Values" and select from the list presented.  (only majors beginning with * are valid)
20: Application Term Code       The term code for the term the student applied.
21: Update Mail Table              N
22: Phone Type                       Leave Blank (unless a specific phone type is needed)
23: Attribute Code                    Enter an attribute to limit population or leave blank.

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or F10

Open Excel on your computer.

Click Open and navigate to your U drive folder
Click on Banjobs in your U drive folder

In the drop down to the right of the File Name field at the bottom of the Open window change 
"All Excel Files" to
"All Files"

Select the file named for the letter you chose in parameter 1 (usually ADM_ALL_ADMITS_) followed by the date the report was run in the mmddyy format.
example: ADM_ALL_ADMITS__072515

After you click the file a window will appear asking your to "Choose the file type that best describes your data:"

Click the "Delimited" button

Click "Next"

Click the "Comma" button

Click "Next"

Click "Finish"

Your data will appear in Excel.