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Adult Edge Recruit Coding

Adult Edge recruits are defined by a group of contact codes.

By using only Contact Codes instead of Recruit Codes or Attributes, you provide a consistent and singular form of data entry and recollection. 

When a potential student meets any of the Adult Edge recruitment criteria a "Contact Code" should be applied to the student's record.

In Banner INB go to SRAQUIK: 

Enter the Name (Unumber or Name search)
If the recruit does not have a record in Banner, enter it now using "Generate ID  "

Enter current term.

Next Block

Adult Edge Specific Entry

In the "Interests, Sources, Contact" tab, next block to or click on "Contact"
There are currently four Adult Edge Contact Codes:

Enter one or more of these codes as they pertain to the recruit.  If the top three do not fit the recruit, ALWAYS use the AEO (Adult Edge Other) code.


To Extract this information use GWLRECR