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    pdf: Default is pdf
    csv: enter "DATABASE"

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Parameters:  (Enter in Values fields)
01: Schedule Term:     Enter term code (year followed by term designation - 02 = Spring, 04 = Summer, 08 = Fall...201508 = Fall 2015)
02: Part of Term: % for all or enter part of term code (click "values button" for options)
03: Sort Order: choose 1 = Subject, 2 = Division, 3 = Faculty or 4 = Subject Heading
04: Campus: enter % for all or enter part of term code (click "values button" for options)
05: Course Status: enter % for all or enter "A" = Active, "O" = Open, "X" = cancelled, "C" = closed, "H" = on Hold
06: Course Type: enter "CR" for credit
07: Division Code: Enter division code or % for all
08: Subject Code: Enter subject code or % for all
09: Show Tally: Enter "N"
10: Show Comments: Enter "Y" to print footer page
11: Time of Day: Enter % for All, D = Day or E = Evening
12: Enter Schedule Type (click Values button for all options): some options include "D" for Distance Learning or "Y" for Hybrid/Blended"
13: Express Semester Only: Y or N
14: Show Limited Availability: Y = show all, N = do NOT show courses with only 1 or 2 seats remaining
15: Both SSB and non SSB available: Y will show all courses, N will show only those courses that will be displayed online as available to students for registration.
20: Copies: 1
21: Print Footer: Y or N

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Go to the Banjobs folder in your personal U drive.

Open most recent SWRSECT file.

To view a brief video demonstration, click below: