SUNY Ulster network accounts are required to log onto the college computers and access network resources. Below you will find information on different role-based accounts.

Employee Accounts
All currently employed college faculty and staff receive an employee network account. This account is automatically generated once their employment information is entered into Banner by Human Resources. Once this is done an account letter is printed and sent the employees home address. An employee account allows use of the college computers, access to the college Portal, a networked U drive, as well as an email address.

Student Employee Accounts
College departments can request a student employee account by filling out the Student Employee Account Request Form. Student employee accounts allow the use of office computers and approved network resources. Student employee accounts do not receive an email address.

Former Employee Account
An employee account gets changed to a former employee account when their employment ends at the college. A former employee account retains limited access to the Portal. This allows the former employee to view old pay stubs and W2's. However, the account will no longer allow the use of college computers, networked resources, and the email access is removed.

Student Account
All registered students are entitle to a student account. This account is automatically generated once the student has registered for classes. The account information is printed and mailed to the student's home address. A student account allows the use of student lab computers, access to the college Portal, as well as an email address.

Former Student Account
A student account get changed to a former student account when the student is no longer registered for classes. A former student account retains access to the college Portal and email, however, it loses the capability of logging onto student lab computers.

Non-Ulster SUNY Accounts
Employees and Students from other SUNY schools may request a network accounts for use in our student computer labs. They may do so by presenting their SUNY ID at the Office of Information Technology. SUNY network accounts expire at the end of the current semester and be renewed the following semester by again presenting their SUNY ID at OIT.

Non-Employee Account
Non-Employee accounts are for individuals who do not classify as a college employee or student. A non-employee account can be requested by filling out the Non-Employee Account Request Form. All non-employee accounts require verification of approval from the appropriate college Deans. The requester of the account will be notified when the account has been approved and created.

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